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Request Academic License
For DynaFit users affilitated with educational organizations only

Academic License Request Form

The academic license file will be sent to you as an email attachment. It is issued free of charge to anyone affiliated with an educational institution, or a non-profit research agency.

  • Please use email address issued by your institution.1
    Gmail etc. does not demonstrate academic status.

  • If you don't have a school email, provide an Optional URL explicitly showing your name. 2.

Title First Name* Last Name* Position
Optional URL*:
Platform 3
Send me email when DynaFit is updated
Send me a reminder before my license expires


  1. The server will determine your academic status by looking at the last part of the email address (Examples: .edu,,, or

    If your school's email domain is not yet in our database, your license file will be issued within 72 hours.

  2. If your school or university does not issue individual eamil addresses to students or faculty, give a URL where your name is shown as a member of a research group.

    You may send some other proof of academic status, or any questions about your Academic License, to licensing2 at

  3. Please indicate your preferred OS platform.

    The license files are currently portable between Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. However knowing how many people use which platform helps us focus our development efforts.

Privacy Statement
BioKin Ltd. will not share your name, affiliation, or email address with any commercial or non-commercial entity. The information entered into this form is used solely for the purpose of issuing a unique software license file.
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