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Welcome to BioKin, home of the DynaFit software package and a source of scientific information regarding biochemical and biophysical kinetics and equilibria. DynaFit

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BioKin Technical Note TN-2015-04
[6/15/2015] A novel mathematical model for covalent inhibition kinetics.
Seminar: UMass Medical School, April 6, 2015
[4/5/2015] A New 'Microscopic' Look at Steady-state Enzyme Kinetics
BioKin Technical Note TN-2015-03
[4/3/2015] King-Altman method in DynaFit
DynaFit Update
[4/1/2015] The DynaFit software package was updated to version 4.06.027
BioKin Technical Note TN-2015-02
[2/5/2015] Automated determination of kinact and Ki for covalent inhibition using the Omnia assay
BioKin Technical Note TN-2015-01
[1/22/2015] History, variants and usage of the "Morrison equation" in enzyme inhibition kinetics

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