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Download DynaFit
Download the program DynaFit for the analysis of (bio)chemical kinetics and equilibria

DynaFit is available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

There are no plans to port the software to other operating systems. Users of macOS and Linux operating system are encouraged to explore Windows emulation software packages (for example Wine for Linux and Boot Camp or Parallels for macOS).

DynaFit 4 for MS Windows Download DynaFit for Windows

Example Problems

Immediately after download, the program is enabled for processing approximately 200 example data files, distributed as part of some 50 included example problems. It is highly recommended to step through a few of these test problems first.

Free Academic License

After having looked at a few examples, you might decide that the program is useful in your own research. If so, you may enable DynaFit for processing your own data files by requesting an electronic license.

Commercial Licenses

Researchers using DynaFit for non-academic work may request a 30-day trial commercial license.
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